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2021 –  Important Updates from the MHSAA

The online rules meeting for Football officials began July 27, 2021, and is available 24/7 through September 17, 2021 at 11:59 p.m.
Completion of the online rules meeting by the deadline is mandatory for working any high school contest beginning in the 2021-22 season.
There are two parts to the online rules meeting: The (1) prerequisite general officiating portion and the (2) sport-specific rules portion. You will need to complete the prerequisite before completing the sport-specific portion; however, multi-sport officials only need to complete the prerequisite once per year regardless the number of sports they officiate.
If you are both an official and a coach in the same sport, these requirements are separate. Please make sure that you have completed all requirements for both roles. This will include the officials prerequisite (general officiating), the officials sport-specific content, the coaches prerequisite (health and safety) and the coaches sport-specific content. 
In addition, for post-season consideration, you MUST opt-in for date availability,  This is new this year.   Schedules must be submitted on-line.
View your required rules meetings by going to
Watch required rules meeting(s). NOTE: Remember that you must complete the prerequisite and sport-specific content; and if you are both and official and a coach in the same sport, complete these requirements for each role.
Other requirements for postseason tournament consideration can be found through the Postseason Tournament Eligibility Checklist.
NOTE: Waiting until the last moment to complete your requirements may cause MHSAA servers to slow, and you may fail to receive credit by the required deadline.
To get the most up-to-date information, visit the Football Officials Page. You can also find regular updates and information, and connect with other officials, through our MHSAA Officials Program Facebook page. For any additional questions, please contact our office at 517.332.5046.
Michigan High School Athletic Association

2021 Football Training Dates 

Northern Michigan Football Clinic – Aug 8th  12pm-4pm – Thirlby Field

General Training – After NSOA General Meeting Aug 22 at Silver Lake Park

General Training – 09/12/21 – 4pm – at Silver Lake Park

General Training – 10/04/21 – 6pm – Location TBA




Member in Good Standing Requirements for Football are:  Paid Membership dues, completed Membership form (can download on “New Member Form” page) and attend 3 Training Sessions.

2021 NFHS Football Points of Emphasis

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